SportsComm was born out of a shared passion for Athletes & Sports in general,  of Abhoy Chattopadhyay & Somit Biswas, two committed and experienced communications professionals in the space. Before incubating SportsComm, both Abhoy & Somit had been working either alongside, in collaboration or together for a combined 20+ years, servicing the Public Relations & Brand marketing/liaisoning mandates of some of the country’s biggest sporting events, franchises, organizations as well as athletes.

Life was running smooth, when over a regular weekday evening brainstorming session at Chayyos, they realized that the reason they had stuck around together for all these years was because of a common passion for sports and the fact that they brought different strengths to the table. It was decided that since over the years, the same employer had found it difficult somehow to employ us together, we should just do it for ourselves….yes, this too, we told ourselves 🙂

The birth of SportsComm

SportsComm is a result of thorough analysis and an undying passion to promote sporting excellence in India so as to make the country a global powerhouse in the world of Sports and attract both national and international audiences and fans towards it.

What began as small projects between two Sports crazy professionals a decade back finally took the form of a formal partnership in 2016 and gave birth to Eastward Consulting LLP, the parent company which owns the SportsComm brand.

Our Vision

The man who has no imagination has no wings – Muhammed Ali

The business of sports in general is a mix of hard-work and imagination. We at ‘SportsComm’ aim to be the catalyst helping sports, brands and athletes connect with their ‘FANS’ through innovative campaigns, fruitful alliances, ideas and sustained communication programmes, which ensure them high-impact and regular visibility amongst both domestic and international audiences.